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Building a Biblical Worldview

Whether we realize it or not, we all develop an understanding of the world in which we live. Our worldview shapes the way we think and interact with our world, sometimes without us even knowing it. But where does our worldview come from? It comes from our experiences in life. It comes from the highs and the lows of life. It comes from our environment. The most important question one must ask themselves is where does Jesus fit into my worldview? Is He the center or my worldview? Is He even present at all? One of the many things I love about teaching in a Christian school is that I get to tell children about Jesus and how He needs to be at the center of everything we do in our lives! Our worldview must feature Jesus Christ!

Unfortunately, many people have a wrong worldview. Their thinking is flawed in that most people believe this life is about them and how they can live their best life. Teachers are not immune to this unfortunate situation. Prior to coming to Christ, I thought some of the same things that the rest of the secular world thinks about educating children. Thankfully, I stand here today a saved man with a completely different outlook on the awesome responsibility I have in educating the children of Covington Christian School.

I am so thankful that God drew me closer to Him fifteen years ago. I think about what my life would look like today if God did not call me to Himself. It used to be that I was the center of my life. I did whatever made me happy. Now, Jesus is the center of my life. I do what makes Him happy. The best part is what makes Him happy is what makes me happy! I am so thankful for the opportunity to share Christ with the children God sends to Covington Christian School. I am happy that our school gets to share truth to the children of this community through Bible integration in every subject. Although it is a tremendous responsibility, I am happy that parents trust their children to our care. I fully understand that every child that enrolls at our school belongs to God and that we are tasked with helping to bring that child to a better understanding of who God is so that they may have a relationship with Him. In the end, our main goal is to bring glory to God through the teaching of His Word in everything we do at Covington Christian School.

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We exist to educate the whole child: mind, body and spirit.  With biblical truth as the foundation of all learning, we  employ godly teachers to assist the home and the local church in developing children who have a biblical worldview featuring the preeminence of Jesus Christ.
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