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Small By Design

Recently I was talking with a couple about enrolling their son at CCS. One of the things they liked about the school is our small class sizes. This school year our average class is about 8 students. We are certainly a humble school in size, but I believe that is exactly the way God wants it to be!

There are many examples from Scripture where God specifically uses things that are small to accomplish His will. In the seventh chapter of the book of Judges, we read about the story of Gideon and his army. Gideon starts with 32,000 men in his army when God declares that there are too many men. You see, God didn't want Gideon and his men to say they won the victory by their own hands. Victory comes from God so that He can get the glory. God eventually narrows Gideon's men down to just 300! When it came time to battle, God delivered the Midianites into the hands of Gideon's army. God was victorious, and God got the glory! It is easy to win a battle when the odds are in your favor. But for Gideon and his army, they knew that their power came from the Creator of the Universe. Covington Christian School is aware that our meager numbers might not appear to be mighty from the outside. However, we also recognize the hand of God in the lives of the students that He brings into our institution. Sometimes, quality is not reflected in quantity.

In the New Testament, we see a group of just 12 men, handpicked by Jesus himself, empowered by the Holy Spirit of God, turn the whole world upside down! These men got to learn from Jesus during his ministry here on Earth. They took what they learned, and by faith, they spread the gospel of Jesus as far as they could. It's amazing to think that it was because of one of these men, by God' grace, that Christianity spread all the way over to America. God certainly was victorious, and he definitely got glory because of this small group of men! Can you imagine if Jesus had 1,200 disciples? It would certainly be challenging to pour into the lives of 1,200 people as effectively as you could pour into the lives of 12 people. Jesus is more than capable of equipping millions of people! But he gave us an example in his investment in the 12 men that he walked with during his ministry on earth. CCS is honored to be able to invest in the lives of the families that we serve each school year.

God is at work here at Covington Christian School even though we are a modest school. He keeps us small because he gets the most glory that way. I would encourage you to check us out if you are looking for a small, intimate setting where your child can not only learn reading, writing, and arithmetic, but they can learn Biblical truth and grow their relationship with Jesus. Though our numbers may be small our passion is full!

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We exist to educate the whole child: mind, body and spirit.  With biblical truth as the foundation of all learning, we  employ godly teachers to assist the home and the local church in developing children who have a biblical worldview featuring the preeminence of Jesus Christ.
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